Highly Effective and Proven Balloon Weight Loss Surgery in Riyadh

Weight loss is not just losing those extra pounds, but it improves your personality and health. It also helps to reverse damage to your body caused due to health issues related to metabolism, such as hypertension, snoring, cardiac problems, etc. Balloon weight loss surgery in Riyadh at Spatz Medical offers a highly effective and proven way to lose weight. This minimally invasive procedure assists you in losing weight quickly without any potential side effects.


How Does Balloon Lose Weight in Riyadh Work?

At Spatz Medical, we have trained, certified, and highly experienced doctors to perform balloon weight loss procedures. We have helped hundreds of patients lose and maintain healthy body weight through this innovative procedure with minimal side effects.

The nutritional consultants at Spatz Medical create a personalized program according to your specific body needs and recommend lifestyle changes. The procedure uses an adjustable stomach balloon that helps to reduce your appetite, limit your amount of food intake, delay your gastric emptying, and improve your fullness feelings even after you take small amounts of drink and food. However, for best results following the balloon weight loss in Riyadh, you need to adopt a holistic and comprehensive lifestyle, including an exercise plan and calorie-controlled diet.


Who is the Right Candidate for Balloon Weight Loss in


If your BMI (Body Mass Index) is 27 or higher, you are the right candidate for balloon weight loss surgery in Riyadh. The procedure can help you accomplish weight loss for a long time while helping you in managing other health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. Our experienced doctors at Spatz Medical conduct comprehensive evaluations to determine your BMI before the procedure. Based on it, we recommend the balloon to lose weight in Riyadh.

Specialists at Spatz Medical ensure complete comfort, safety, and hygiene during the procedure. It takes about 15-minutes to place the balloon to lose weight in Riyadh. You can leave the clinic on the same day without any problem. Local anesthetic is used, and you stay awake during the treatment. The doctor uses an endoscope to place the balloon inside your stomach, which is inflated using saline once placed. This creates an artificial bulky feeling in your stomach, controlling your hunger and helping in weight loss.


The results vary from one person to another because everyone has different metabolism and lifestyle. You can expect to lose up to 30% and even more of your body weight if you adopt a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and make changes to your diet. The stomach balloon lasts up to 12 months, depending on the balloon used.


The cost of balloon weight loss in Riyadh depends on the type of balloon used, the doctor’s experience, and other factors. At Spatz Medical, we discuss the cost of a balloon to lose weight during the consultation session so that you know upfront what you’ll be paying for the procedure.

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